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Positive Kids & Positive Thoughts!

Thought hygiene in Kids

What do you mean by thought hygiene?

Thought hygiene is all about positive attitude

which is within every one of us. Attitude means a person's behavior

or event. In Psychological terms it is a mental and emotional entity that characterizes a person.

Each and every parent have a unique dream about their kid’s lifestyle. They want their kids to be smart, be confident and have positive attitude which lands in their bright future. Nowadays as a psychologist, I strongly feel that positive attitude is lacking in our kids in this generation.

Why do kids have Negative Attitude? A negative attitude is the way of exposure i.e. your kids are gone out of their control. Your child exposes a negative attitude for a variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below:

First and foremost, reason is the atmosphere of your kids at home. For example, don't argue or fight before of your kids, Don’t compare your kids with other kids, Don’t force your kid to expose their talents in front of relatives.

Secondly Don't criticize your kid which makes their thoughts go negative and inferior.

Thirdly, lack of freedom. Don't restrict too much of your kid’s activities. If you do so, then you are suppressing your kid’s creativity.

Mistakes makes every one of us to learn and similarly that too applied for kids.

As a parent you better know your kid than anyone else. So give freedom and restrict them whenever required. We as a parents are the one who can develop a positive attitude among our kids to become a successful person.

Overprotecting our kids! This leads to lack of confidence and independent nature in your child. In this way a kid will never get a chance to think or survive on their own.

How to improve Communication between parents and kids?

As parents we have to step our self-down to the child mind-set and make them understand to their level set. Talk to them about your own good experiences and the at most important point is that we should have two-way communication between parents and kids.

According to Sigmund Freud the personality is largely set at age of 5. This is the right time and right age to put them in a right path.

Never come to a conclusion before. Reciprocation from kids plays an important role. Let them speak very open to their parents and as a parent it is our duty to listen to them without any interruption. After they complete their conversation then decide accordingly.

How to convert positive kids?

1. Do not talk on behalf of your kids! – Let them speak, try and explore. There is a famous saying that “Try, Try and try again. You will succeed”. Let our kids come out with their answers.

2. Find out their interests and Talents. – Never force a kid against their interest.

3. Encourage your child improvement. – Make the kids feel whenever they are down our parents will help us but there is a thin line between helping when required and pampering.

4. Let their do their own job! – Only when they start doing their own task they will explore things in life which will be useful for their future.

5. Optional Need & Mandatory Need – There should be always a priority for optional requirement and mandatory requirement. Educate our children to understand the difference between two.

6. Decision making! – Lets kids decide on their own and never mind if it is positive or negative, provided parents should take the control.

We have a very good opportunity in this lock down to spend time with our kids and make them understand about the importance of family and relations. So please do make use of this opportunity and seed positive attitude and thoughts in our kids.

Happy & Positive Parenting!


Blessy Isabella. R Counselling Psychologist M: 9789393749

The hardest part of a problem solving is the understanding precisely what is the problem.

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